Online leak of Chemnitz arrest warrant triggers investigation
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Saxony’s Justice Ministry confirmed Wednesday that an investigation was underway into the illegal online publication of an arrest warrant tied to a stabbing in Chemnitz on Sunday.

The deadly stabbing of a German-Cuban man spurred violent demonstrations by far-right groups after police handling the crime said that “various nationalities” had been involved.

The warrant’s leak is the latest development to draw attention to the eastern German city. Regional police have faced criticism in the aftermath of the protests for underestimating the demonstrations, while  social media also has come under fire for its role in fueling the violence, with officials saying far-right groups spread misinformation online.

A press spokesperson from the public prosecutor’s office in Dresden told DW that it had been assigned to handle the investigation into the leak.

“We are assuming that the copy that appeared online is of an original document,” Lorenz Haase, the office’s spokesperson, said. “However, we can’t yet verify this 100 percent.”

The warrants for the two suspects in Sunday’s stabbing of the 35-year-old man had been issued on Monday. Officials refused to confirm to news agencies which of the two men’s warrants had been published online.

One suspect was born in Iraq, the other in Syria. Both men are in police custody. The far-right organizers behind the violent protests used the suspect’s foreign-born backgrounds as a rallying call for the anti-immigrant protests.


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