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1840 While experimenting with gallic acid, a chemical he was informed would increase the sensitivity of his prepared paper, William Henry Fox Talbot discovered that the acid can be used to develop a latent image on paper, leading to a revolution in photography.

1915 – Cecil Chubb buys English prehistoric monument Stonehenge for £6,600

1937 English writer J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, a coming-of-age fantasy that became a classic, was published.

1950 American comedian and actor Bill Murray, best known for his trademark deadpan humour on television’s Saturday Night Live and for his film roles, was born.

1964 – Malta becomes independent from the United Kingdom.

2017 –  Discovery of the first brainless animal that sleeps, the jellyfish Cassiopea, research published in “Current Biology” by Caltech scientists

2018 – Fossil of Dickinsonia, “the Holy Grail of palaeontology” proven to be the oldest known animal fossil, 558 million years old from the White Sea, Russia

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