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141 BC –Liu Che, posthumously known as Emperor Wu of Han, assumes the throne of the Han Dynasty in China and rules for 54 years.
1522 – Martin Luther begins preaching his “Invocavit Sermons” in the German city of Wittenberg, reminding citizens to trust God’s word rather than violence and thus helping bring to a close the revolutionary stage of the Reformation.
1776 – Publication of influential economics book “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith.
1831The Foreign Legion, whose unofficial motto is “Legio patria nostra” (“The legion is our fatherland”), was founded this day in 1831 by King Louis-Philippe as an aid in controlling French colonial possessions in Africa.
1918 – Russian Bolshevik Party becomes the Communist Party.
1933 – US Congress is called into special session by FDR, beginning its “100 days”.
1959Barbie, a toy doll that became an international sensation despite criticism, was introduced by Mattel, Inc.
1961 – Soviet flight Sputnik 9 carries and returns from orbit a dog named Chernushka (Blackie), frogs and a guinea pig. 

Births & Deaths: 1947 – Carrie Chapman Catt, an American feminist leader, died.  

Sport: 1908 – Italian football club Inter Milan founded as Foot-Ball Club Internazionale. 

Music: 1842 – Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Nabucco” premieres in Milan. 

 TV & Film: 1981 – Dan Rather becomes primary anchorman of CBS-TV News. 

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