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202 – BC Coronation ceremony of Liu Bang as Emperor Gaozu of Han takes place, initiating four centuries of the Han Dynasty’s rule over China.
1710 – In the Battle of Helsingborg, 14,000 Danish invaders under Jørgen Rantzau are decisively defeated by an equally sized Swedish force under Magnus Stenbock.
1827 – The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad became the first steam-operated railway in the United States to be chartered as a common carrier of freight and passengers.
1854 – Republican Party formally organized in Ripon, Wisconsin.
1915 –WWI: After the French try to drive the Germans forces back into the Champagne region, they gain a few hundred yards – at the cost of 50,000 casualties.
1922 – Egypt was declared an independent country.
1942 – During World War II, Japanese troops landed on the island of Java, which they occupied until 1945.
1947 – February 28 Massacre: Anti-government uprising in Taiwan is violently put down by Chiang Kai-shek and his Kuomintang-led Republic of China government with the loss of 18,000-28,000 lives. Marks the beginning of the White Terror.
1953 – Francis Crick and James Watson discover the chemical structure of DNA-molecule (double-helix polymer).
1986 – Olof Palme, the internationally prominent prime minister of Sweden (1969–76, 1982–86) whose strong pacifist beliefs included opposition to the Vietnam War, was assassinated.
1991 – Gulf War ends after Iraq accepts a ceasefire following their retreat from Kuwait.
2013 – Benedict XVI became the first pope to resign since Gregory XII in 1415. 

Births & Deaths:1901 – American chemist Linus Pauling, who received two Nobel Prizes, one for Chemistry in 1954 and another for Peace in 1962 (for efforts to control the spread of nuclear weaponry), was born. 

Sport: 1971 – PGA Championship Men’s Golf, PGA National East: Jack Nicklaus leads wire-to-wire for his 2nd career grand slam; wins by 2 from Billy Casper 

Music: 1984 – 26th Grammy Awards: Michael Jackson wins 8 Grammys 

TV & Film: 1983 – Final TV episode of “M*A*S*H” airs (CBS); record 125 million watch in the US.

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