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1776 – At the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge, North Carolinian revolutionaries defeated loyalists during the American Revolution.
1884 – Paul Kruger, president of the South African Republic, signed a treaty in London that disavowed British authority over the Transvaal.
1900 – In London, the Trades Union Congress and the Independent Labour Party (formed in 1893) meet, results in a Labour Representative Committee and eventually the modern Labour Party in 1906.
1933 – In Berlin the Reichstag (parliament) building caught fire, a key event in the establishment of Nazi dictatorship.
1940 – Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discover carbon-14 (radiocarbon dating) at the University of California Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley, California.
1950 – General Chiang Kai-shek elected president of Nationalist China.
1957 – Mao’s famous speech to the Supreme State Conference “On Correct Handling of Contradictions Among People” expounding Maoist ideals
1967 – Saint Kitts and Nevis (with Anguilla) became an independent state associated with the United Kingdom.
1991 – U.S. President George Bush ordered a cease-fire effective at midnight and declared victory in the Persian Gulf War, a conflict triggered by Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait in August 1990.
2010 – A magnitude-8.8 earthquake struck Chile, causing widespread damage and triggering a tsunami that devastated coastal areas; it was the most powerful earthquake to strike the region since 1960.
2012 – Wikileaks begins disclosing 5 million emails from private intelligence company Stratfor.

Births & Deaths:1932 – American actress Elizabeth Taylor—whose career, highlighted by award-winning portrayals of emotionally volatile characters, was often overshadowed by her highly publicized personal life—was born in London. 

2015 – American actor Leonard Nimoy—who was best known for his portrayal of the stoic, cerebral Mr. Spock in the sci-fi TV and film franchise Star Trek—died in Los Angeles. 

Music: 1814 – Ludwig van Beethoven’s 8th Symphony in F premieres 

TV & Film: 1968 – CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite delivers a scathing editorial on America’s chances of winning the Vietnam War.

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