On this day…

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These are the salient milestones in history taking place on this day…

In 1533 Pope Clement VII excommunicates England’s King Henry VIII.

In 1944 Franklin Roosevelt announces that he will run for a fourth term as President of the United States.

In 1969 David Bowie releases the single “Space Oddity” 9 days before Apollo 11 lands on the moon

In 1995 7,000 Bosnian Muslim men are massacred when Bosnian Serbs overrun the UN ‘safe haven’ of Srebrenica.

In 1995 U.S. establishes diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

In 2006 over 200 people were killed and about 700 people were injured in a series of bombings on Mumbai city trains.

In 2010 the FIFA World Cup Final is held in Johannesburg, South Africa


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