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1950 – China entered the Korean War on the side of North Korea against South Korea and the United Nations (UN), the United States is the UN’s principal participant.

1966 – Jimi Hendrix Experience play their first UK gig as a private showcase at The Scotch of St. James in London.

1995 – Singer Cliff Richard receives his knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II, – 1st rock star to be knighted.

2002 – Irish actor Richard Harris—who was notable not only for his formidable talent in portraying the intense, volatile, and rebellious hell-raising characters that established his image but also for conducting his real life in a similar manner—died in London.

2017 – First fossil of an ichthyosaur (marine reptile, 152 million years old) found in India. Reports published in “Plos One” science journal.

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