Norther Irish DUP leader says it prefers a no-deal Brexit than a bad deal Brexit
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The head of the Northern Irish party that props up British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government said on Saturday she would prefer no Brexit deal to a bad deal, describing current plans as amounting to “the annexation of Northern Ireland” by the EU.

In the absence of a comprehensive EU-UK trade partnership after Brexit, the EU is seeking a “backstop” arrangement whereby Northern Ireland would effectively remain subject to the bloc’s regulations to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland.

But the DUP, whose support May needs to pass legislation in the British parliament, vehemently opposes any proposals under which the province would be treated differently to the rest of the UK.

“I fully appreciate the risks of a ‘no deal’ (Brexit) but the dangers of a bad deal are worse,” Foster wrote in an article in the Belfast Telegraph published on Saturday.

“This backstop arrangement would not be temporary. It would be the permanent annexation of Northern Ireland away from the rest of the United Kingdom and forever leave us subject to rules made in a place where we have no say,” she added.

Britain wants any ‘backstop’ arrangement to be time-limited. Hardline supporters of Brexit in May’s ruling Conservative Party fear it could be used to keep the whole UK inside a customs union indefinitely with the EU.

The EU is opposed to any specific cut-off date.

The Belfast Telegraph – Reuters 


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