North Korea fires ‘short-range missiles’ into sea

epa06163495 (FILE) - South Koreans watch a television news broadcast at a station in Seoul, South Korea, 16 October 2016 (reissued 26 August 2017). According to the South Korean military, North Korea has test-fired several short-range unidentified projectiles into the sea from the eastern Kangwon province on 26 August 2017. North Korea has threatened to launch missiles on Guam, where US tactical bombers are based, after it fired a missile landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ), west of Japanese northern island of Hokkaido on 28 July 2017. EPA-EFE/JEON HEON-KYUN

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In the early hours of Thursday North Korea has fired two short-range missiles into the sea.

South Korean officials said the missiles travelled 430km and reaching an altitude of 50km before falling into the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea.

An act that comes amid increased uncertainty about the future of nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang.

It also comes after anger from the North over planned military exercises between South Korea and the US next month.

The North warned they could affect the resumption of denuclearisation talks.

The launches come as US national security adviser John Bolton — a noted hawk on North Korea — visited South Korea Wednesday to discuss bilateral strategic issues and just a few days after the North Koreans showcased photos of their leader Kim Jong Un inspecting what appeared to be a submarine, in another attempt to signal Pyongyang’s military capabilities.

They also follow President Donald Trump’s June meeting with Kim in the demilitarized zone and his brief foray into North Korea — a high-profile visit that has failed to yield any tangible signs of diplomatic progress toward the stated US goal of denuclearization.



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