No-deal Brexit risking the downfall of UK vehicle repair industry

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Up to 1,000 companies in the UK vehicle repair industry could collapse within two weeks of a no-deal Brexit, with many more forced to close within a month.

The UK vehicle crash repair industry is made up of around 3,000 companies that employ an estimated 35,000 people nationwide and rely heavily on car parts imported through “just in time” supply chains.

According to leaked minutes from a meeting of leading industry figures seen by Business Insider, reveal that any slowdown of car parts entering the UK at the border would force thousands of companies to delay and cancel repairs, leaving them without cash to stay afloat.

The meeting of 17 industry figures last month chaired Chris Weeks, Director of the National Body Repair Association concluded there would be “dire” consequences for thousands of privately-run companies, and their tens of thousands of employees, within just a few weeks if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal.

Steve Field, Managing Director of Page Automotive Accident Repair Group, told the meeting last month that up to 1,000 UK car repair companies “could be on the brink of closing” just two weeks after a no-deal Brexit.

Via Business Insider

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