Newspaper Review – Monday 21st May 2018

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The Malta Independent covers three stories in its frontpage. It leads with a story which carries the title <<Hotel and restaurant industry still stuggling with staff shortages>>. The report argues that the hospitality sector has voiced its struggle of shortages and the long process of work permits, with many calling for restructuring of government entities in order to ease such issues. Identity Malta’s CEO, Anton Sevasta explained that such restructing will take place in the coming weeks. In a second story, the newspaper says that <<Educators have lost trust in MUT after weak collective agreement>>. The report refers to the Union of Professional Educators (UPE)’s Executive Head, saying that the agreement failed to properly address the sector’s growing concerns when it comes to salaries and working conditions. The Malta Independent also carries a photo story referring to the <<Open Weekend>> organised by the Civil Protection Department. The back-page carries two stories about the Royal Wedding and an opinion piece signed by Health Minister Chris Fearne entitled <<Let’s talk – but respect our principles>>. The article refers to the proposed changes in the IVF legislation.

L-Orizzont’s frontpage lead story is a continuation of the story issued on It-Torċa yesterday about the censorship of Fr Mark Montebello. During the day it was clarified that the ‘censorship’ didn’t come from the Archbishop bu from the Dominican Order. <<Il-Provinċjal sieket dwar iċ-ċensura ta’ Patri Mark>> argues that the head of the Dominican Order in Malta ignored questions from the newspaper. The newspaper carries a photo story of the delapidation of Triq ta’ Fuq is-Sur in Senglea, referring to complaints from residents who said that the area looks like a war zone <<Qisna f’żona tal-gwerra>>. Another story on the frontpage refers to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s interview on One Radio yesterday. <<Rispett dejjem lill-pulizija u l-istituzzjonijiet>> reports Muscat’s appeal that the respect to the police force should not be a one-off but should be continuous. The backpage of the newspaper carries a story about the airplane crash which happened on Friday in Cuba.

In-Nazzjon’s front page focuses on the comments given by the Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia during an interview on Radio 101. In the report entitled <<Il-viżjoni għal Malta: Irrid li nkunu pajjiż li tassew jimpurtana mid-dgħajjef u mill-batut>> refers to Adrian Delia’s argument about his vision for Malta. It presents a series of points that the PN leader did on the need of having a society which cares of everyone. The backpage carries a tribute by Mario Schiavone to Dr. Joseph Cassar, the veteran diplomat who died on Saturday.

The Times’ front page story continues with the revelations following the leak of Electrogas emails. The front page leads with a report entitled <<Minister gave Transport Malta e-mails to Electrogas director>>. Jacob Borg states that “Konrad Mizzi handed over Transport Malta correspondence to Electrogas businessman Yorgen Fenech, where he showed that a Transport Malta official had pointed out internally that the regulator was not in a positin to participate in public hearings about the project because it did not have the required information. In a second story entitled <<Addolorata hill trees may be uprooted>> Keith Micallef reports that a kilometre-lon row of trees alon the Addolarata hill will have to make way for a €20 million project to widen the road and build an underpass at Santa Lucija roundabout. On the backpage we read an opinion piece by Colette Farrugia Bennett, acting coordinator of the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Malta, entitled <<Leading the rainbow vision>>.  

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