Viking Sky engines restarted…ship heading to port

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The Viking Sky, the cruise ship that got into trouble off the Norwegian coast, is finally heading to port after being stuck out in rough sea and amid a dramatic rescue of hundreds of its passengers.

The vessel’s engines have been restarted and it is heading towards the port of Molde. The Viking Sky lost power on Saturday while en route to Stavanger from Tromso and sent out a distress signal after it began drifting towards land.

Rescuers airlifted almost 500 of the 1,373 mostly elderly passengers from the ship in bad weather.

Evacuations have been halted for now but rescuers said they could resume if the captain deems it necessary.

Hagland Captain drifting towards land
A view of the Norwegian cargo vessel ‘Hagland Captain’ that also had engine trouble off the west coast of Norway. The crew was rescued by helicopter. The M/V Hagland Captain is the second ship following the cruise ship Viking Sky that had sent out a mayday signal on 23 March leading to 1300 people evacuated from a cruise ship after suffered engine problems. (Photo: EPA-EFE/Svein Ove Ekornesvag)



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