USA : Teacher and student die, several injured in school bus crash

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180517130924-12-new-jersey-bus-accident-0517-exlarge-169.jpgAt least one person died and many others were injured in the crash of a school bus carrying 46 students on Interstate 80, a US highway.

The accident happened near Mount Olive, New Jersey, where the bus collided with a truck carrying trash. The police reported that the impact was very violent and that the bus cabin was virtually ripped off from the rest of the vehicle.

Mount Olive Mayor Rob Greenbaum, who saw the aftermath of the highway crash from an overpass, described the scene as “horrific.” He told HLN Thursday there were possible ejections in the crash. First responders to the accident appeared to have removed the children from the scene. “They were young kids,” he said. “But luckily, first responders, everybody there helped get all the kids out safely from what we could see… The kids were obviously freaked out.”

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