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Liberal Democratic Voice’s Tahir Maher writes that since the Brexit referendum media and politics seems to have turned anti-European but it seems that the public opinion is slowing starting to shift towards being more pro-European. There is increasingly despair among the public about the lack of leadership and success with the Brexit negotiations. Two years on from the referendum vote and we really don’t know where we will be and what will be agreed over the next 5 months. A YouGov poll has consistently found that about two thirds of those polled feel the negotiations are going badly.

A recent YouGov poll found that 31 percent of Tories say the government’s Brexit decision is wrong. This compares with 73 percent of Labour voters and 83 percent of Lib Dem voters. Because some voters think that the government now has a duty to implement the referendum 30 percent of Remainers want the government to go ahead with Brexit. Although, those who were undecided, during the referendum, are beginning to gradually favour staying in the EU.

YouGov also found that 42 percent think that Brexit will make the economy worse. Those who think the economy will improve is 24 percent, and on another question 38 percent think the UK will have less influence in the world while 17 percent believe the UK will have more influence.

On questions regards jobs 37 percent believe Brexit will be bad for jobs and 23 percent think it will be good for jobs. On the NHS 31 percent believe it will be bad, against 25 percent who felt Brexit would be good for the health service (presumably, they believe the NHS will get the £350 million a week after leaving the EU).

Further results of polls were: –

  • About half (49 percent) think the EU has had an upper hand in these negotiations;
  • While 26 percent of those polled believe that there has been give and take on both sides;
  • On the two year transition 50 percent felt it was a good idea and 23 percent didn’t think it was a good idea:
  • The pool also asked the question if there is to be a transition period what you would prefer: 30 percent preferred one year and 49 percent preferred 2 years transition period.
  • On the question of: “In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the EU?” Right to leave was 43 percent and wrong to leave was 46 percent.

There is a very solid majority (maybe only just) who feel that leaving the EU is not the right thing for the UK to do and that this government is managing the process badly. The public also recognise that Brexit will not be good for the UK. Is it enough (IF we do leave the EU) that the Lib Dems were on the right side of history?

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