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European Council president Donald Tusk said the extension of Article 50 agreed Thursday night in Brussels at the EU summit meant any Brexit outcome was possible.

Tusk told a press conference on the second day of the summit that the UK would have time to change its strategy or even cancel Brexit, “which is the prerogative of the UK government”.

“It means that until the 12 April anything is possible: a deal, a long extension, if the UK decided to rethink its strategy or revoke its strategy, or revoking Article 50, which is the prerogative of the UK government,” he told reporters at the end of the European Council meeting.

“The fate of Brexit is in the hands of our British friends. As the EU we are prepared for the worst but hope for the best. As you know, hope dies last.”

His comments come after millions of people signed an official parliamentary petition calling for the UK to revoke Article 50 to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Leaders agreed that Britain would get an unconditional Brexit delay until 12 April – less than the 30 June date Theresa May had asked for.

But the UK will also get an additional delay until May 22 if MPs approve the withdrawal agreement next week, and the door has been left open for a longer extension if the UK participates in European Parliament elections in May.


Via The Independent