Salvini accuses Malta of hostile act as ‘evidence’ indicates Malta gave a compass and life vests to 13 migrants so they can proceed with journey to Lampedusa

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Italian Deputy Prime Minister accused Malta of doing a ‘hostile act’ when instead of aiding a boat with 13 migrants to Malta, the Maltese coast guard provided them with a compass so they can continue their journey to Lampedusa, Italy.

Corriere Della Sera quotes sources close to the Interior Ministry, saying that the Maltese provided those on board the boat, with water and safety vests branded Mecca Marine.

The migrants arrived in Lampedusa, where they said their experience and what happened in the night prior to their rescue.

Matteo Salvini said that there is too much of what he dubbed as ‘circumstantial evidence’ which shows a hostile effect against Italy, from an EU country (Malta) at the same time that the EU is threatening Italy with sanctions on its budget.

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