Poland admits selling beef from slaughterhouse where sick cows were butchered to 13 European Countries – Malta not one of them

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Several EU countries on Friday seized and destroyed suspect beef from a Polish slaughterhouse where allegedly sick cows were butchered, as French authorities said 150 kg of the meat had already been sold to customers.

Besides Poland, it named the affected countries as: Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Slovakia. Malta was not listed yet.

Warsaw has attempted to reassure affected countries and says the meat does not pose a health risk.

Poland’s chief veterinarian Pawel Niemczuk confirmed that 2.7 tonnes of the suspect beef was exported, while the European Commission said the meat was traced to 13 member states where it was being withdrawn and destroyed.

The scandal erupted because of covert filming at the abattoir near Ostrow Mazowiecka in north-eastern Poland. The video was broadcast by Polish TVN 24.

The scare recalls a 2013 scandal in which horsemeat was passed off as beef and used in ready-to-eat meals sold across Europe.

Brussels will send a team of auditors to Poland to assess the situation on the spot, said Anca Paduraru, a spokeswoman for the European Commission.

On Tuesday, Poland triggered the EU’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), informing other member states, the EU Commission says.

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