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Felix Dorfin of France (L) at his trial at a court in Mataram, Lombok island, Indonesia, 20 May 2019. An Indonesian court sentenced France national Felix Dorfin to death for drug smuggling.

Dorfin, 35, was arrested in September carrying the suitcase filled with about three kilograms including ecstasy and amphetamines at the airport in Lombok, a holiday island next to Bali where foreigners are routinely arrested on drugs charges.

Frenchman sentenced to death in Indonesia for drug smuggling


Indonesia has some of the world’s strictest drug laws — including death by firing squad for some drug traffickers and it has executed foreigners in the past.

While prosecutors had not asked for the death penalty, Indonesian courts have been known to go beyond their demands.

Indonesia has not executed anyone since 2016, but a number of foreigners are still on death row including a cocaine-smuggling British grandmother and Serge Atlaoui, a Frenchman who has been on death row since 2007.