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Euronews reports that parts of Frankfurt Airport were evacuated for several hours on Tuesday, following a security scare involving a French family, federal police said.

Police stopped passengers from boarding flights and cleared out the security zone of Area A of Terminal 1 of the international airport around 12:30 p.m. local time.

The incident disrupted travel during the busy summer holiday season at Germany’s biggest airport, where 1,500 flights were scheduled to take off and land on Tuesday, according to operator Fraport.

In a tweet, police said the airport was evacuated because of a mistake by an air safety assistant.”Despite a positive explosive test, a four-member French family was released into the security area. The family was found, questioned and allowed to travel further,” it said.

Germany’s BILD newspaper reported that an adult and a child had skipped the checks, and later “disappeared,” citing Reza Ahmari, a spokesman for the German federal police.

Federal police at Frankfurt Airport also tweeted : “Reason for the police measures is the reference to the unauthorised access of at least one person in the security area.”

Photos and videos posted on social media during the evacuation showed dozens of people streaming out of the terminal.

Details of the incident came after police announced shortly after 2.30pm CEST that affected areas of the airport had been reopened.

“Thanks to all passengers and airport staff for their understanding and disciplined behaviour,” police said.


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