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These are the main stories featuring in today’s newspaper front pages.

The Malta Independent reveals that a ‘high ranking’ member of the PN parliamentary group is collecting signatures from fellow MPs demanding the resignation of party leader Adrian Delia. The paper says that this exercise could lead to a vote of no confidence in the embattled leader.

The Times, meanwhile, says that PN officials close to the leadership are urging members of party organs to declare loyalty to Adrian Delia in writing. The paper says that local committees are being asked to convene urgently to pass motions of confidence in the leader.

The Times says that 49 migrants who have been aboard two rescue ships since December have finally been allowed to disembark after an ad hoc agreement will see them relocating to eight EU countries. The paper quotes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who announced the decision at a press conference on Wednesday. He said that criticism towards Malta is unfair because the migrants were not asked to come to the island.

The Malta Independent also reports on the arrival of the migrants which were transferred onto AFM boats shortly after the Prime Minister’s announcement. The paper says that the migrants’ faces showed relief while of them placed his hands in the shape of a heart as he disembarked.

L-Orizzont says that the migrants will be received by Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Ireland, Romania, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. The paper said the European Commission had no obligation of receiving the boats under international law.

In-Nazzjon leads with the reaction by the PN to the announcement that the migrants will be allowed to disembark. The party said that the EU finally recognises that it has a part to play in the migrant problem in the Mediterranean.

The Malta Business Weekly says that Dutch authorities seeking to tax poker winnings have lost the case in court. The Dutch tax office argued that is an Isle of Man company, therefore a non-EU service. The courts, however, agreed with the players that the company is registered in Malta and they are exempt from tax.

The Malta Business Weekly reports on a study by EY that estimates that companies have moved some €800 billion worth of staff, operations, and other assets out of the UK ahead of Brexit. The financial services company says most of its clients are bracing for a no-deal scenario.

L-Orizzont speaks to Minister Konrad Mizzi after the Court of Appeals overturned a ruling to launch an inquiry into allegations of money laundering. The Minister told the paper that the Prime Minister had told him to keep on working in silence.

In-Nazzjon covers an interview by PN Leader Adrian Delia who accuses Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi of throwing away the country’s assets. Delia was speaking about the proposed deal on the St George’s Bay peninsula with the Corinthia Group.


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