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Maltatoday reports that the government will be giving a second income tax refund in the coming Budget, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on Sunday. Speaking during an interview on ONE Radio, Muscat said that after offering workers a refund on their income tax in the last time round, the next Budget would include a second round of refunds. Muscat stressed that for the government to be in a position to cut taxes and increase pensions, it needed to secure more investment. “For this to happen the economy needs to grow, but the economy doesn’t grow on its own,” he said. “It grows when you bring work to the country.”


The Times says that Nationalist party leader Adrian Delia conceded that the party has lost its credibility and is not managing to show it renewed itself. He was speaking in reaction to a survey published by MaltaToday on Sunday showing that Labour party could win with a margin of some 94,000 votes over the PN. Speaking during a short interview on Net, Dr Delia also said the changes within the Nationalist party were going to continue.

Maltatoday’s report focuses on Delia’s comment that his obligation remains giving the Nationalist Party back to the people’ .Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia insisted that people’s lack of faith in the Nationalist Party showed that changes were needed, now more than ever.


The Malta Independentreports that Gozo and the northern part of Malta were hit by heavy rain and thunder on Sunday morning. These weather conditions could persist until Monday, according to the Met Office. The rain has come at a time when temperatures are well above 30 degrees and feel even higher.


Newsbook leads with comments by Martha Sarralde, a Spanish nurse and lifeguard on a rescue ship, given while being interviewed by Fr Joe Borg on the programme Newsline, streamed on RTK 103FM. She voiced her frustration due to countries closing off their ports to them, including Malta.She explained that after Malta followed Italy in rejecting immigrants, they had to find other ports from which to operate.


Illumwrites about the visit the Prime Minister did in Japan and reports about the possibility of air connections between Malta and Japan.


One News reports about an incident that took place this morning during the Birzebbuga feast. In this incident a 21 year old man had to be admitted to hospital after he suffered injuries following an argument which involved the use of a knife.


Net News reports that a 28 year old man from Zebbug Gozo was arrested from an entertainment place in Gozo after he was found possessing 121 capsules containing white powder, probably Cocaine.


The Shift News writes about information used by Government in a communications campaign regards fuel prices in Malta. It claims that the government is not stating the truth when it claims that the fuel prices in Malta are the cheapest in Europe.


The Times leads with the story of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family has filed a constitutional application against the Planning Authority over the removal of a banner about the journalist’s murder from a private property in Valletta.


TVMwrites that the horse-cab driver whose picture appeared on social media where the mare was stretched out on the ground in a Pietà road, said the horse was laid low after slipping on a patch of oil in the road. He complained that he feels upset that when he tried to raise the mare on her legs, instead of finding people to help him, they only hindered him.



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