In Canada populism means asking for votes and promising cheap beer

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BBC : In India, politicians have promised to give voters everything from sandals and eyeglasses to smartphones and televisions.

In Argentina, President Cristina Fernandez shored up popular support by making broadcasts of Argentine first division football free.

And now in Canada, one politician is promising a “buck-a-beer”.

As leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Mr Ford ran a populist campaign last spring, promising to cut taxes, freeze spending, and slash the cost of things like electricity and beer.

Specifically, he swore to reduce the minimum cost of beer from C$1.25 (¢96, 74p) a beer to just C$1.

Now that he’s in power, he says that “buck-a-beer” will be implemented 27 August.

“The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. We’re bringing back buck-a-beer to Ontario,” he announced to applause at a brewery in Picton, Ontario, on Tuesday.

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