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Theresa May has urged parliament to “get it done” and back her Brexit deal in an impassioned speech which, however, offered no new concessions for wavering MPs ahead 0f next week’s crucial vote.

POLITICO reports that “If it were a delay to give MPs even more time to decide what we’re going to do, the EU might insist on more conditions that are not in our interest before they agreed to such an extension … It could mean no end to free movement, no ability to strike our own trade deals, no end to the big annual payments, no taking back control, which is what the British people voted for,” she said.

She said that the U.K. might not leave the EU “for many months,” or could never leave at all, if MPs reject the Brexit deal next week, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said Friday.

“No one knows what will happen,” in such a scenario, May admitted. “We may not leave the EU for many months, we may leave without the protections that the deal provides, we may never leave at all … the only certainty would be ongoing uncertainty.”

The Guardian says that May, while speaking to energy workers in a dockside warehouse in the leave heartland of Grimsby, repeatedly declined to accept any personal responsibility for the ongoing uncertainty, or give any clues as to what she will do if the vote is lost. Instead, she urged the EU to make new concessions over the Irish backstop insurance policy – the issue that saw many of her MPs vote against the deal the first time – before expected last-ditch talks in Brussels this weekend.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the Government will not have completed all of the secondary legislation needed to prepare for life after Brexit by the time of the UK’s scheduled withdrawal from the EU on March 29, Downing Street has said.

In other Brexit related news we read that voters in Northern Ireland want the softest possible Brexit and would prefer checks on goods traveling between Great Britain and Northern Ireland rather than checks on the Irish border, a poll for the Irish Times showed on Friday.


Via The Guardian/ POLITICO