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The member of the Presidential Council Mohammed Ammari said targeting densely populated areas in Tripoli by Khalifa Haftar’s forces is a war crime, which adds up to the crimes committed by Haftar.

Ammari told Al-Jazeera TV Channel that the targeting of residential areas is a desperate attack by Haftar on Tripoli’s residents’ morale.

He added that the shelling on Tripoli’s houses is a revenge attempt by Haftar for the shooting down of a fighter jet from his Air Force on Sunday in Wadi Rabea in southern Tripoli.

“The government will defeat Haftar’s forces and will try him in international courts for war crimes.” Ammari added.

Meanwhile the Libyan Foreign Minister of the Presidential Council Mohammed Sayala has stated that the government has sent a letter to the UN Security Council that urges for condemning Khalifa Haftar for his recruitment of underaged boys within his forces in the attack on Tripoli, in addition to his forces’ airstrikes and shelling on civilian areas in the capital.

Via Al Jazeera / Libya Observer