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The first lawsuit by the family of two victims of the East Attica fires was filed against the Greek State on Wednesday.

The lawsuit is directed against Secretary General of Civil Protection Yannis Kapakis, Governor of Attica Region Rena Dourou, Marathon Mayor Ilias Psinakis, officers of the Civil Protection Secretariat of Attica Region and Marathon Municipality, officers and the Head of the Fire Department of East Attica, officers and the Head of the Hellenic Police of East Attica, and against all responsible for the tragic events of July 23.

The suit was filed with the Prosecutor’s Office in Athens by lawyer Antonis Foussas, who represents three relatives of two victims who lost their husband-father and their mother from the fire.

In the report, the relatives of the victims call for the prosecution of those responsible for the offenses of serial murder, manslaughter due to negligence, forest arson due to  negligence, bodily harm, and any other offenses arising from the investigation.

In the meantime Euronews reports that the political gloves have come off in Greece amid a deepening row over the government’s response to the worst wildfires in recent history. It was one of the country’s worst ever natural disasters, where more than 90 people died after blazes gripped the Attica region last week.

But political in-fighting is taking centre stage in Athens, with the opposition roundly criticising the government and pushing for snap elections. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras responded by accusing his rivals of exploiting the situation.

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