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Times of Malta:  Michelle Muscat has expressed relief at the Egrant inquiry conclusions while saying that the 15-month saga has scarred her and her family for life. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s wife described the claims the inquiry centred on – that she was the ultimate beneficial owner of Panama company Egrant Inc. – as a “deceitful conspiracy” and hinted that the family were seriously considering legal action in their capacity as private citizens. “I do hope nobody will object to us doing so according to the rule of law,” Mrs Muscat said. “This will give us nothing back, but there is not one parent I know who would not do so if their family had gone through what we did.” The Prime Minister’s wife said that she found the experience of testifying in court “alone, without any assistance” traumatic and said that despite the inquiry conclusions having cleared her, “the pain will not just go away.”



TVMEU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said he has not been surprised by the result of the Inquiry carried out by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja regarding Egrant. Requested by TVM to give his reaction to the Inquiry Report result that exonerated Prime Minister Muscat and family a spokesperson for Juncker expressed the President’s anticipation of continuing to work with his friend Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.



The Party of European Socialists welcomed the judicial inquiry conclusions in Malta unequivocally ruling out that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his family were ever connected to money laundering or corruption. The PES is worried by the information, that the Maltese Nationalist Party, part of the European People’s Party, took ownership of the false allegations and tried to lead the country in political turmoil.



MaltaToday and The Malta Independent  Jonathan Ferris and Maria Efimova, the ‘whistleblowers’ have turned on each other. As the conclusions of the 1,500-page magisterial inquiry reveal how the Egrant affair was based on mistruths and even falsified documents, now the protagonists who once gave each other solidarity, are turning on each other.


The Malta Independent: Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia would support a motion of no confidence in the Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia, the PD MPs told The Malta Independent at a press conference this morning. In the press conference, Marlene Farrugia described Delia as “the poodle of the Prime Minister” and said that he had rushed to act on the Egrant inquiry’s conclusions, without seeing the full report, by removing one of the few voices of reason in the PN; while also pointing at other issues such as DB Group, explaining that the two main parties had become two parts of the same head.



Net NewsThe Nationalist Party leader said that the Nationalist Party is determined to strengthen the Party even if this means taking tough decisions. During a televised interview, Delia said that he will be taking all the necessary decisions in the best interests of the parties.





The Times reports that Nationalist MP Chris Said has offered to mediate between differing factions within the party, saying that the focus should be the fight against corruption. Although he did not mention either party leader Adrian Delia or former leader Simon Busuttil by name, he said in a Facebook post that the party should not “fall into the trap” of allowing others to cause a split.

“The discussion – on which is the best position to adopt when faced by this abuse of power and the corruption there is in the country – should be taken within the party,” he said, adding that there were those who wanted to sweep aside some of its members.

“In the end, what is important is not the ‘how’ but we must certainly agree that we cannot allow blatant corruption to overcome the country,” he said.

Dr Said, who had unsuccessfully contested Dr Delia for the leadership position last year, said he was at the party’s disposal to try to find a common road, so that the party could offer a healthy and effective Opposition.


The Malta Independent: MEP Sven Giegold’s main point of concern is the identity of the person(s) who forged the documents implicating the Muscat family in the Egrant case.

Giegold, a German politician and member of the European Green party, has been a recurring figure in the debate on the rule of law in Malta. He also formed part of a delegation sent by the European Parliament to investigate the rule of law in Malta.


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