Dr Mark Muscat from WHO expresses concern about Italy’s anti-vaccination position

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Dr Mark Muscat from the World Health Organisation told Euronews about the WHO concern about Italy because the number of measles cases that are being reported over the last years.

“Last year over 5,000 cases were reported and this year in the first 6 months we have over 2,000 cases reported. We have also had 4 people dying of measles last year and another 4 people have died this year. This is of great concern to us. It’s very important that every country reaches a very high vaccination coverage.”

“We have to remember that vaccines have been life saving. Vaccines are the most effective public health tool. They are safe and effective and have prevented thousands and millions of deaths across the globe.”

On Euronews we read that the Italian government is facing criticism after it voted through legislation meaning parents will no longer have to prove their children are vaccinated before starting nursery or preschool.

The coalition government, made up of the Five Star movement and the League, has long been against compulsory vaccination, pledging to overturn the law in the run up to March’s elections.

The law which will now be suspended for a year, came into effect in March following a surge in the number of measles cases in the country.

The coalition government, made up of the Five Star movement and the League, approved the amendment by 148 to 110 votes.

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