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Luigi Di Maio, leader of the 5Star Movement and Italian deputy prime minister, on Friday announced the creation of a new group “of likeminded people” within the European Parliament ahead of May’s election.

Joining the 5Stars are Croatia’s Zivi Zid (Human Shield), Finland’s liberal Liike Nyt, Greece’s AKKEL (the Agricultural Livestock Party), and Poland’s far-right Kukiz’15.

The main objective of this party, according to a pamphlet handed to journalists at a press conference, is “to attract movements that don’t feel part of right-wing nationalist parties nor of traditional parties that have been part of the EU Parliament for 20 years and are the cause of the crazy policies that have led to the current fragmentation of Europe.”

The 5Star MEPs are currently in a parliamentary group called the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) alongside UKIP, which will be leaving the Parliament as a result of Brexit. The exit of the 5Stars effectively ends the EFDD.

Via Politico