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Your morning briefing for Tuesday includes the newspaper’s front page stories’ review, the latest headlines from around the world, and reference to some insight on the situation in Somalia, where Maltese manager Paul Anthony Formosa was killed on Monday.

The latter features on Malta’s newspaper front pages as follows

The Times carries the news about the killing of Maltese Paul Anthony Formosa in Somalia, where he worked as a port manager. Gunmen disguised as fishermen shot him several times in the head, with terrorist group Al-Shabaab later claiming responsibility.

L-Orizzont also follows the story and says that Formosa had long been in Al-Shabaab’s sights, making this the first attack by a terrorist group on a Maltese citizen. One of the killers was shot on the spot while a second managed to flee only to be caught later.

In-Nazzjon says that 52-year-old Formosa, from Marsascala, joined P&O ports two years ago having previously worked at the Malta Freeport. The paper says Somali authorities are questioning the captured gunman.

The Malta Independent carries a story in the inside pages, quoting the daughter of the slain port manager. 

MaltaToday’s portal also carries a story on the issue highlighting how Al-Shabaab extorts protection money from businesses to finance its terrorist operations and those who do not pay get killed or attacked, the source added. It is clear that P&O would not pay.

Malta’s newspaper review


The Malta Independent asks the Prime Minister for comments after former MP Franco Debono publicly branded him the most corrupt politician in Malta’s history. The Prime Minister said the lawyer is exercising his freedom of expression.

The Times reveals that the European Anti-Fraud Office received requests to investigate contracts worth millions of euros awarded by government for cleaning services at St Vincent de Paule. Documents sent allege that the contracts breached procurement regulations.

The Malta Independent says that Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi does not think it is the right time to publish the MoU signed between government and the Corinthia Group over transfer of land in St George’s Bay. The Parliamentary Committee for the Environment and Development Planning met to discuss the project after pressure from NGOs.

L-Orizzont says that the government is increasing the number of free medicines for cancer patients, now reaching a total €8 million. Health Minister Chris Fearne announced on Monday that a new product for lung cancer, costing patients some €60,000, has be added to the formulary.

In-Nazzjon reports that a man went to the General Hospital in Gozo suffering from an infection in his face. But, the paper says, he died after after having been left to wait for hours causing the infection to spread.


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