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Good morning

These are the newspapers main stories for Wednesday.

MaltaToday quotes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who said it’s little wonder that the UK finds itself ‘in such a mess’. Muscat was reacting to a UK parliament report which alleged that the Labour Party had meetings with the mother company of Cambridge Analytica before the 2013 general elections.

The Times leads with a story about a quarry in Mqabba being transformed into a ‘small village’ for imported construction workers from Turkey. The paper says that pre-fabricated homes are being built as hundreds of foreign worers are being flown in for fixed-term projects.

The Malta Independent sent questions to the European Commission asking whether Fisheries Commissioner Karmenu Vella has had any contact with Spanish tuna rancher Jose Fuentes. A spokesperson said that Vella never met Fuentes or any of the company’s representatives.

MaltaToday says that Environment Minister Jose Herrera is willing to make the internal inquiry into the tuna scandal public. Speaking in parliament, the minister said that he had ordered an inquiry in 2016 when complaints started to surface.

The Malta Independent speaks to PN MEP candidate Peter Agius who says that it is not within the remit of the European Commission to stop the IIP programme, but he said that the EU is empowered to limit mobility in the Schengen area for all holders of Maltese passports.

The Times reports that the neighbours of a woman found to have been dead for three months had not suspected anything. One of the neighbours told the paper that the woman’s husband told her she was fine when she asked after her some weeks ago.

L-Orizzont also follows the case and says that police did not find any sign of violence against the 69-year-old British woman. Sources told the paper that the police found the two-storey house in St Paul’s Bay in a dreadful state, with litter all over.

In-Nazzjon announces that the Nationalist Party officially opened its General Council, with the theme: Together for our Country. Secretary General Clyde Puli said that the first year of the new administration gave the party strong foundations to make it an alternative government.

L-Orizzont quotes Environment Minister Jose Herrera who announced that a 30.000 square metre area in Bengħajsa will be transferred to government for an afforestation project. The paper says that 5,000 trees are expected to be planted.

In-Nazzjon quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who said that Gozitans are voiceless and that the government is ignoring them. The party is calling for the establishment of a regional government in Gozo.

L-Orizzont says that two-thirds of applications for social housing are seeking two or three-bedroom apartments. The paper says that newly built units will reflect the needs. The paper says there are currently 3,000 applications for accommodation.