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These are the salient news from Malta as reported by Malta’s main news portal.

The Malta Developers Association said a permanent link between the islands would help Gozo’s economy integrate with Malta. The Association, reports The Malta Independent, is satisfied with the studies carried out so far.

On another front, the Developers Association came under fire from Din L-Art Ħelwa for proposals it presented in a meeting with the Prime Minister. Developers are seeking compensation in the form of payments reductions for other projects when they buy airspace in village cores to protect them from over-construction. The NGO says this goes against the principle of planning regulation, reports The Times.

Net News says that the surplus is no more, reporting a deficit of €63 million in the first two months of the year. The website quotes National Statistics Office figures and says that government debt increased by €31 million compared to February 2018.

The Union of Professional Educators said that two or three injuries are reported every week by Learning Support Educators having to lift and carry children. MaltaToday says the UPE is not ruling out reporting the situation to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

The Msida local council launched an app playing live video from a webcam to update motorists on the traffic situation in the town. Newsbook quotes mayor Margaret Baldacchino Cefai who said the app can also be used to file reports and access information.

Tenor Joseph Calleja received a singular honour after he was given the keys to the City of Naples in Florida.LovinMalta says that mayor Bill Barnett also declared March 21st the Joseph Calleja Day.

The head of Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin (Voice of the Workers) spoke to TVM about threats of dismissal faced by employees who seek to join a trade union. Josef Vella said that, many times, workers do not even want the abuse reported for fear of reprisal.

Athletes who took part in the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi received a heroes’ welcome at the airport after a successful performance winning 40 medals. One News says that the 28-person delegation that represented the country were welcomed with placards and balloons by relatives and friends.

Crane Currency is being accused of receiving kickbacks to illicitly print €14 billion Liberian dollar notes. The Shift News says the case has been described as one of the “biggest financial scandals” in the history of African country.

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