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The Daily Telegraph gives a look at the options with the Brexit saga after the latest development in London where Wednesday evening MPs voted to reject leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement.
1. Extension of Article 50: MPS will now vote on Thursday on the possibility of extending Article 50 and therefore delaying Brexit.

2. Renegotiation: The head of the European Parliament said on Tuesday that the European Union will not make further concessions to Britain.The options for renegotiation of the Withdrawal Agreement before putting a third vote to Parliament therefore do not look good – and would be far from straightforward.

3. Resignation: Having seen her Brexit deal defeated twice and with no clear path forward from here, Mrs May might finally concede her position and decide it is time for her to leave 10 Downing Street.That would trigger a Tory leadership campaign, which would result in a new leader who would become Prime Minister. But this by no means would necessary make Brexit easier.

4. General election: Theresa May could decide the only way to break the Brexit stalemate in parliament is to replace the current make up of the Commons through a general election.

5. Second referendum: To break the impasse, Mrs May (or any other future leader) could seek a fresh public mandate on Brexit.

6. No Brexit: The European Court of Justice has previously ruled that it would be legal for the UK to fully revoke Article 50 to cancel Brexit altogether.t is likely that such a move could only be carried out with the backing of a strong public mandate to do so. Such a mandate could come from a second referendum or a general election.

Via The Daily Telegraph