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According to the Libya Observer, the Spokesperson of Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army, Ahmed Al-Mismari, has requested a Russian intervention in Libya similar to the one in Syria “to get rid of foreign players in the country.”

Speaking to Sputnik, Al-Mismari said Libya’s situations need Russia and President Vladimir Putin’s personal intervention “to directly eliminate foreign players in Libya such as Qatar, Turkey and Italy.”

“We are very confident that Russia is a superpower and its words will be heard if it holds talks with Italy, Turkey and Qatar or other countries such as Sudan, regarding the smuggling of terrorists into Libya,” he said.

Al-Mismari claimed that Russia’s intervention in Syria was successful; adding that its role in eliminating foreign players there was “prominent.”

“What’s happening in Syria is happening in Libya,” he underscored, claiming “the Libyan people are looking for a strong ally like Russia.”

Al-Mismari’s remarks were met with ridicule in many Libyan social media pages, while several bloggers accused him of being “traitor” for openly requesting a foreign country that “caused thousands of deaths in Syria” to intervene in his country.

Many Libyans have likened Al-Mismari to Iraq’s former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahhaf. Last month Al-Mismari was a subject of ridicule after that the command of Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army is “equivalent to Washington and Moscow.”


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