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Giulio Andreotti was born in 1919.

The senator for life was seven times president of the Council and more than twenty times minister – holder of the secrets and the levers of power of the First and part of the Second Republic.

A long-time politician, he was one of the leading exponents of Christian Democracy and, until his death at 94, in 2013, he was among the protagonists of Italian political life.

He has always been present from 1945 onwards in the Italian legislative assemblies: from the national consultation to the constituent assembly, and then in the Italian Parliament from 1948, as a deputy until 1991, and later as a life senator.

In practice, apart from the Napolitano-Bis, he has participated in all the elections of the Presidents of the Italian Republic.

He was also a journalist and writer. A career accompanied by clashes, suspicions of plots and judicial events, beginning with the one in which he was investigated, tried and acquitted by the Mafia in Palermo.

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