News Paper Review – Monday 30th April 2018

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Newspaper Review

Good morning

What follows is today’s newspaper analysis, prepared by Jesmond Saliba.

The Times of Malta leads with a story entitled <<Thousands demand ‘truth and justice’>>. The story refers to the protest held in Valletta, in the ‘wake of new revelations by the Daphne Project’. The report adds  that Valletta’s streets were full of people demanding “truth and justice”.  The second story to a new EU-wide survey which indicates that <<Quarter of Maltese uncomfortable being friends with an immigrant>>. The survey defined an immigrant as a person born outside the EU and currently legally staying in an EU country. According to the survey, 28 per cent said they would not like to live next door to an immigrant. The newspaper highglights the fact that “Maltese are the most likely to think immigrants are a burden on the welfare State”. The editorial entitled <<Pilates in the House>> writes about the current debate on the IVF issue, the backdrop against which it is happening and argues that the way Prime Minister Muscat speaks emits confidence and shows impunity. It also adds that ‘there are MPs on the government benches who believe in values, moral and political. They should know that silence would mean complicity. It is time for Labour MPs to speak up in the national interees and not wash their hands, Pilate-style. “

The Malta Independent leads with a report on the protest held in Valletta. Entitled <<Thousands join justice and truth’ anti-corruption protest in Valletta>> the report accompnies a photo of the croud attenting the protest and highlights the comment directed towards Schembri and Mizzi, ‘Your place is in prison’, cited by demonstrators during yesterday’s protest. The second story <<Almost 90% of Air Malta pilots backed industrial action>>, refers to the industrial action ordered by the airline pilots’ association (ALPA) who instructed its members not to fly the airline’s newest aircraft over an issue related to a cabin voice record deletion button. The editorial of the newspaper entitled <<Riding the wave>> comments on the decision taken by the PN leader to give a free vote on the Domestic Violence Bill. The editorial argues that the decision showed the split within the PN and argued that his decision has been construed by many as a sign of weakness.

L-Orizzont main story is related to the speech given by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who during the final speech at the party’s general conference said that new proposals for amendments of the IVF legislation will mean that double the embryos will be saved. <<Muscat: Se jiġu salvati id-doppju tal-embrijuni>> states that the embryo freezing has already been enacted in 2012. The embryo freezing is also the subject of another story. <<It-tibdil fil-liġi tal-IVA se jżid it-twelid b’10%>> refers to comments by Paul Sultana who said that the proposed changes will increase births by 10%. Another story focuses on the 31% increase of thefts from beaches, while it confirms the reduction in pickpocketing. The editorial << L-iskop ewlieni tal-politika>> comments about Joseph Musccat’s role in a number of changes the country underwent over the past 5 years. The editorial focuses on the difference between the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party, arguing that the Labour Party is about change and direction while the Nationalist Party’s mission is that of regaining power without being an alternative.

In-Nazzjon’s frontpage presents two caption stories. The first is a photo of the crowds who attended yesterday’s protest in Valletta, entitled <<Manifestazzjoni fil-Belt Valletta>> highlighting the main message of the the event as depicted in one banner <<Ġustizzja – Verita>>. The second photo story refers to the speech given by the PN Leader, Dr Adrian Delia citing his main comment as a title <<Il-Partit Nazzjonalista se jagħti wens lil min hu dgħajjef, u jtella’ ‘l fuq lil min hu batut’. 

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