New Italian premier will not be a technocrat, but a politician

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“We are ready to report”. The call to the Quirinale arrives Sunday evening, after a long day of negotiations marked by a double summit in Milan between M5s and Lega . The government contract would be almost closed, but there is still the premiership node to solve. Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio should meet to finalise this, however sources claim that the most accredited hypothesis speaks of a third, political name, shared by both.

“The new premier will not be a technocrat, but a politician” From then on the shared choice of proposing a third figure for Palazzo Chigi would have matured, even if it always belonged to the world of politics. “Always political, never technical”, the political leader of the M5S reiterates. And above all, a single shared name. “And what do we bring, a football team?”, Says the Northern League leader. Among the hypotheses, also the name of the former Minister of Economy, Giulio Tremonti.

Sources : Ansa, Tgcom24

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