New documents about the implications of no-deal BREXIT published by UK Government
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The government has released its latest batch of documents covering the potential effects of such a scenario, covering areas like consumer rights, rail transport, copyright and free trade.

One such document suggests that the changes to copyright law would prevent UK nationals from accessing online entertainment when travelling to EU states.

The documents have also revealed that the UK will lose free trade agreements with over 70 non-EU countries if it leaves without a deal early next year. The Department for International Trade has said that it is seeking to forge new deals with those countries which are “identical or substantially the same”.

On rail transport, the government says it would have to negotiate new arrangements with individual countries to keep trains heading to the continent.

“Arrangements for cross-border services would be subject to any bilateral arrangements that the UK negotiates with individual EU countries,” the technical notice said.

In a tangible way, a No-Deal Brexit would impact Britons in all aspects, including Eurostar to Netflix and Spotify. This explains the extent of ‘EU’ membership and how, perhaps in an intangible way, is somehow taken for granted. 

The Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, said the publication of more than 100 technical notices showed the government had “the plans in place to avoid, mitigate or manage the risk of no deal – and make a success of Brexit’.”

Among warnings released on Friday was that there may be no longer be any legal protection when buying future products and services from EU countries. “There may be an impact on the extent to which UK consumers are protected when buying goods and services in the remaining member states,” one of the notices said.

British customers would also no longer be able to use the UK courts to seek redress from EU-based traders, the Department for Exiting the European Union said.

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