New deadlock in the never ending Brexit saga

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The Brexit saga reached a new deadlock in the House of Commons as MPs fail to agree on whether to hold more votes on alternative Brexit options. The original vote ended in a tie.

The Speaker subsequently casts his vote with the Noes and makes the result 310-311.

He says: “In accordance with precedent, and on the principle that important decisions should not be taken except by a majority, I cast my vote with the noes.”

This means MPs won’t hold more so-called indicative votes on Brexit alternatives on Monda

The last time a House of Commons vote ended in a tie was 1993, when MPs were again engaged in battles over European policy as they debated the Maastricht treaty, Sky News reports.

Meanwhile EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker said the bloc would not grant the UK another Brexit delay if MPs fail to agree to the divorce deal by the current deadline of April 12.

Juncker’s comments come after Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday she would request a short extension up to May 22 and meet with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in a bid to break the parliamentary deadlock over Brexit, Euronews reports.

Earlier the British prime minister met with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to discuss yesterday’s Cabinet meetings and the next steps in delivering the UK’s exit from the European Union in a smooth and orderly way.

“The prime minister made clear that this delay and division across the United Kingdom cannot continue and she is meeting with the Leader of the Opposition to find a proposal that can command the support of the House of Commons to allow the UK to leave the EU as soon as possible.

“She added that Brexit is a decisive moment in our history and we must come together to deliver for people in Scotland and the whole of the UK.”

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