New Church of Scotland minister for Malta

File photo of Valletta, Malta. EPA-EFE/DOMENIC AQUILINA

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Betsi Thane ordained as a Church of Scotland minister is heading to Malta to her new calling as the new Church of Scotland minister for the island.

Betsi, who is the widow of former St John’s Church and Cumbrae Parish minister Markus Thane, is soon to take up a spiritual leader post in Malta.

The 51-year-old, an ex-school teacher and social worker, was ordained at West Kilbride Parish Church last Thursday evening.

The next step on her journey will see her soon inducted as the new minister of St Andrew’s Scots Church in Valletta.

Betsi, who was born in Poland, has lived away from her home country for nearly 30 years. She has been resident in Largs since Markus became church minister in Largs and Millport in 2012.

Looking towards her new position, she said: “I am excited, hopeful and trusting that the Lord will keep guiding me in my new role as a minister.

“I studied pedagogy (a method of teaching) and my degree has been translated in Scotland as Master of Education.

“I have worked as a primary school teacher but also as social worker and carer in homes for older people.

“My career to date has given me an experience of working with people of all ages – from newborn babies to the very elderly.

“Having this experience means it seems to be easier to connect with people in church.”

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