My father is not a number, not just a name or surname – Adriano Trevisan’s daughter

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“Adriano Trevisan is not a number, he is not the first Italian victim of the coronavirus, it is not a name and a surname in the newspaper. Adriano Trevisan is my dad, he is Vladimiro’s dad and Angelo. He is the husband of my mother Linda. He is the grandfather of Nicole and Leonardo “

Adriano Trevisan’s daughter Vanessa said this in an interview to la Repubblica.

Vanessa described her father as an active and healthy father, ‘a cheerful lion, who at 78, was self-sufficient. He drove the car and went out alone. Nobody in the village called him Adriano, for everyone he was il moro'”. He had worked in construction: “When he was young he founded a construction company  with 4 friends which employed dozens of employees, and together with them he built half the province of Padua”.

In addition to the pain of having lost her father, Vanessa expressed her anger at how the newspapers treated her father as a coronavirus figure. “And they said ‘though he was old’, as if his age should ease the pain I feel, as if his disappearance were less important.”

As much as he tried to stay active, Adriano Trevisan struggled with some pathology of his old age: “My real regret is that our general practitioner, did not want to visit my sick dad, when he started to feel the symptoms as claimed it was a banal case of flu. “

On Thursday 20 February, the hospital decided to carry out the coronavirus test and on Friday the response came that the result was positive. “In the evening he died.”

Anyway I want to thank all the staff in that department, they were angels: when Dad had a heart attack, they tried to revive him for 40 minutes. While the investigation is welcome, it will not bring him back. “

Corriere / La Republica / Sky Italia 

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