Mt Etna viewing from Malta

Mount Etna from Malta captured by Maltese artist Joseph Scerri.

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Sicily remains one of the favourite attractions for Maltese going abroad. While waiting for the opening up of borders, Mount Etna seemed to miss the Maltese seeing it and as such it made itself visible to Malta.

In the past days, the site of Mount Etna from Malta was very clear, so much that several posted the view on their social media.

Dr Edward Duca, writing on Think Magazine, says that Etna is a decade volcano. “These are a set of 16 volcanoes from around the world chosen for special monitoring because of their ferocity, destructiveness, and proximity to populated areas. Etna is around 200 km away from the Maltese Islands. Ash plumes can travel much further.”

He adds that Etna’s effect on Malta has never been seriously studied. To change this Prof. Raymond Ellul, Ing. Francelle Azzopardi and a team of Italian volcanologists adapted a computer model called PUFF to see what happens when the volcano becomes over active. The Think Magazine report can be read here. 

Meanwhile the view remains stunning due to the distance and clarity in view of the meteorological conditions allowing for it.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Scerri

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