MSF asks EU where to take people on board Aquarius
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TGCOM reports that after saving 141 migrants off Libya with the ship Aquarius, Sos Mediterranée and Doctors Without Borders launched the alarm saying that “The rescued people said they had crossed five different ships that did not offer them assistance, before meeting the Aquarius. Ships may not be willing to respond to those in distress due to the high risk of getting stuck and being denied a safe haven. In the meantime it asked for instructions from the EU to where it should take the people on board”.

A statement released by Médecins Sans Frontières states “Sos Mediterranee and MSF therefore ask European governments to “assign a safe landing place as close as possible in accordance with international maritime law, so that people rescued at sea can be disembarked and Aquarius can continue to provide the necessary humanitarian assistance.”

More than 70% of the people saved are from Somalia and Eritrea. The health conditions of the rescued persons are stable at the moment, but many are extremely weak and undernourished. Many people report having been detained in inhumane conditions in Libya.



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