MPs to vote on Brexit deal on 11 December

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In a letter sent to Tory MPs, chief whip Julian Smith has revealed MPs “meaningful vote” on the Brexit deal is expected to be held on 11 December. 

May confirmed this in the House of Commons when she said  “I’m looking ahead to 11 December and to when this House will be faced with the decision as to whether or not it wishes to deliver on the vote of the British people with a deal that not only delivers that vote but also protects their jobs.”

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When addressing the Commons, Theresa May said “This is the right deal for Britain, because it delivers on the democratic decision of the British people.”

PM May warned MPs – and especially her Brexiteers – there is no deal the EU would have agreed to without an Irish border backstop arrangement. Responding to the PM, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says yesterday merely marked the end of the government’s “failed and miserable negotiations”. 

Prime Minister Theresa May warned that Britain would be thrust into the unknown if parliament rejects the Brexit deal she has negotiated with the European Union, as members of parliament from all sides lined up to criticise the agreement.

Corbyn told the PM: “This deal does not have the support of either side of this House or the country at large. “Ploughing on is not stoic, it is an act of national self-harm

Boris Johnson said that the PM has made a “frank admission” that the Brexit deal is “unsatisfactory” as she tries to sell the agreement. He said this is “a bit of an understatement” and suggests “half the cabinet are reassuring business the UK’s going to remain in the customs union and single market”, while the PM “herself is continuing to say we’re going to take back control”.

Theresa May on Monday said she should not have referred to EU citizens migrating to the U.K. as queue jumpers. – Politico reports. In a speech last week making the case for the U.K.’s planned post-Brexit immigration system, the prime minister said it would no longer be the case that “EU nationals, regardless of the skills or experience they have to offer, can jump the queue ahead of engineers from Sydney or software developers from Delhi.” The comment was condemned by EU citizens groups in the U.K., including the3million, which accused May of “feeding prejudice against EU citizens.” May was challenged on the comment in the House of Commons on Monday following a statement on the weekend’s special European Council summit, by Scottish National Party MP Philippa Whitford, whose husband is German and has worked in the U.K. as a doctor for over 30 years, and said the comment had caused “insult and upset” and invited the prime minister to apologise.

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