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Our Morning Briefing for today follows:

Malta: Foreign Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela yesterday conceded that the Europe Union still had a lot of work to do when it came to implementing its own migration policy with member states. (Malta Independent)

Malta: A Dutch expert, a member of the Netherlands Forensic Institute who flew to Malta the day after the car bombing that killed journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, told the Court yesterday that the victim’s body was found to be missing its right leg and foot. (Malta Independent)

Salisbury.pngThe couple taken critically ill in Salisbury over the weekend were last night confirmed as being fresh victims of the novichok attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Read more here

Open Arms TOMA ship belonging to Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms docked in the port of Barcelona Wednesday with 60 migrants rescued off the Libyan coast on board. Read more here

Mattarella SalviniItalian authorities should seize League funds “wherever they may be” until it has recouped some €49 million of public money received by the party’s former leader and convicted fraudster, Italy’s supreme court has ruled. Read more here

Malta: The invisible cloud of toxins emanating from ships berthing in Grand Harbour costs the country more than €24 million in adverse side effects every year, according to a “shelved” government report. (Times)


Malta: A report issued by the National Audit Office says there is currently certain tensions between the management and employees of the Monte Carmeli Hospital, a situation which is undermining the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation of the hospital. (Newsbook / Independent)


Thailand Soccer KidsThai children in cave speak about their experience and wait as rescuers try to race against time to rescue them. Read more here

DW - MerkelAddressing parliament for the first time since her clash with Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, the German chancellor sought to stress a common way forward. But things remain tense both inside and outside her coalition. Read more here

Israeli ArmyHamas hacked Israeli soldiers through dating and World Cup apps to gather sensitive information. Read more here

Toy GunsIt was once regarded a harmless children’s game but “cops and robbers” may become a thing of the past as parents are no longer buying toy guns and swords for their children over fears that it encourages violence, experts have said. Read more here


The Marsascala Local Council has agreed on a number of objections to the recently updated plans for the former Jerma Palace Hotel site, where developers have officially proposed a hotel and residential development rising up to 14 storeys. (Malta Independent)


Trump IndependentDonald Trump considered invading Venezuela, a senior US administration official has said. Read more here

Brexit AirportsBrexit referendum media and politics seems to have turned anti-European but it seems that the public opinion is slowing starting to shift towards being more pro-European. Read more here

Carabanieri DWItalian police on Wednesday said an international criminal gang who stole artefacts from Sicilian archaeological sites had been dismantled with scores of arrests made. Read more here

Fireworks PetsNumber of Canadian cities go for silent fire-works not to terrify wild and domestic animals. Read more here

Colombia England (1)Columbia’s past daemons of post World Cup player’s murder brought back to life as two players get life threats after missing penalties. Read more here

img_2535The Scottish SNP was accused of forcing votes to interrupt British MPs from watching England’s game. Read more here


Malta: Roadside inspections by Transport Malta plummeted in 2017 because enforcement officers were needed to help in traffic management, according to a report. (Times) 



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