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Our briefing for today covers what took place in the past 24 hours.

Newspaper-Review-3254639422-1525074685113-1-263313097-1526198440299The Maltese Newspapers refer to the Parliamentary vote taken yesterday, which saw the introduction of the changes in the IVF Bill. Fewer people believe in the independence of Malta’s courts and judiciary, it has emerged, with only just under half the population regarding the justice system’s autonomy as “very or fairly good”. Figures issued recently by the European Union’s statistics office, Eurostat, showed that this year, 45 per cent believed the independence of the island’s justice system to be “very or fairly good”. Times. We read that Finance Minister Edward Scicluna expressed his trust in Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) personnel, stating that he did not believe they would wilfully do anything wrong. Malta Independent.  We also read that In a third change to plans in a week government announces that only 15 Aleppo pine trees will be uprooted in the stretch of road between the Our Lady of Victories Chapel and the Saqqajja roundabout, down from 76 as proposed on Saturday. Malta Today.


Hayley US UN.pngThe United States announced on Tuesday that it will withdraw from the U.N. Human Rights Council, an entity it has long accused of being biased against Israel and giving a platform to rights-abusing governments, according to rights advocates with contacts in the Trump administration.

Trump Bush children (1)This decision was announced amidst a major issue which is currently dominating the US, following the decision taken by the Trump administration to implement a policy solution which is leading to segregation of children from their parents. During the day an audio recording that appears to capture the heartbreaking voices of small children crying out for their parents at a US immigration facility is fuelling fury over the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents.


us 1st.jpgAll four living former first ladies — Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama — have stepped out of political retirement to condemn the Trump administration’s practice of separating parents and children at the border.


MS CDMicrosoft reminds Trump administration that ‘Family unification has been a tenant of American policy and law since the end of WW2’ while calling it to change ‘zero-tolerance’ immigration policy.


NYT Republicans.pngIn the meantime Republican senators moved on Tuesday to defuse a political crisis by seeking passage of legislation that would swiftly bring an end to President Trump’s practice of separating children from their parents when families cross into the United States illegally.


macron merkelGermany and France have agreed to “open a new chapter” in European Union relations, after Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron met to finalise plans for sweeping reforms of the 19-member eurozone, including a new parallel budget. Tuesday’s talks were seen as vital for ensuring the European project moves ahead after a decade of crisis, division and instability. France said ahead of the talks that if Merkel and Macron didn’t agree on strengthening the eurozone and dealing with migration, the bloc was likely to return to turbulent times.

SalviniSalvini plans to register ‘ROMA’ people in Italy as he declares to close all ethnic group’s camps. In the meantime, two non-EU citizens have been injured, albeit not seriously, in Caserta when three young Italian men shot them with a compressed-air pistol while shouting “Salvini, Salvini”.


Brexit CNNThe British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) on Monday slashed its growth forecast for the UK economy this year to 1.3%, which would be its weakest performance since the financial crisis. And the consultancy Oliver Wyman published a report that shows households will be worse off and businesses less profitable no matter what kind of exit deal the UK government negotiates.


canada marijuana.pngIn Canada, senators have voted to pass the federal government’s bill legalising recreational marijuana by a vote of 52-29, with two abstentions, paving the way for a fully legal cannabis market within eight to 12 weeks.

_102119749_southgate3notcleared.jpgFive people have been injured in a suspected explosion at a Tube station. Witnesses described smelling “burning rubber” and seeing “six-foot flames” at the entrance to Southgate underground station in Enfield. Police said the “minor explosion”, at about 19:00 BST, was thought to have been caused by a battery short circuit.Paramedics treated five people at the scene and took two to hospital. British Transport Police said the incident was not thought to be terror-related.

Libya Migrants MEELibya’s navy recovered the bodies of five migrants while they rescued more than 100 after their vessel sank near the country’s coast.

Macron Student F24The French President scolded a teenager for mocking the importance of an important day in France and for calling him Manu’. In a very straight way, Macron said, “No, no, you are at an official ceremony. You can act like a clown, but today it’s the ‘Marseillaise’ and the ‘Partisans Song’ we’re singing. You address me as Monsieur le President of the Republic or Sir.”

unilever CNBCConsumer-goods company Unilever will not work with social media stars, or “influencers,” who buy followers on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

zsnheadowhulh9rvoirnThe World Cup entered the sixth day. Russia made sure it will qualify in the second round after beating Egypt 3 – 1. Senegal won against Poland 2 – 1 while Japan won against Colombia 2 -1.

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