More than 60 people shot in Chicago over the weekend
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Police in the US city of Chicago have asked for more help to combat gun violence after more than 60 people were shot over the weekend.

At least 10 people were killed in the city and police say most of the shootings were gang related.

New York Times reports “It was a torrid pace on a torrid night, even for a city notorious for its gun violence: In a span of less than three hours, 30 people were shot in Chicago, an average of one every five minutes or so.”

BBC reports police superintendent Eddie Johnson saying to the media “I’m tired of it, everyone in this city is tired of it.”

“We continue to send a message that it’s ok to commit these crimes by not doing anything as a community.”

Most of the shootings happened on Sunday with 30 people shot between midnight and 03:00.

New York Times says that rates of violent crime have actually been falling in the city recently, but one wouldn’t know it from the police calls during the early hours of Sunday, a steamy night sandwiched between 95-degree days.

Outside Stroger Hospital on Sunday morning, several dozen people gathered to wait for updates on their wounded loved ones. “You could just feel the grief,” said Eric Russell, a community activist who visited the families there. “You had people crying and just laying down on concrete.”

The terse, jargonish police log entries, summarized below, reflect some stark realities about Chicago’s crime plague. Twenty-eight of the 30 victims were black; the other two were Hispanic. Eleven were minors.


Read more on The New York Times and BBC.


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