Monday Malta News Evening Roundup

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Good evening,

Parliament agenda was suspended to discuss the Auditor General’s report on the Electrogas project. Today is also Disability Awareness Day and the government is marking the occasion with the opening of a respite home in Mosta. The new eVoting system, on the other hand, is providing less reason for optimism.

Here’s a roundup of the major stories in Malta this evening.

  • A new community respite facility for persons with disabilities was inaugurated by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, at the start of disability awareness week. One News says that Casa Apap Bologna in Mosta will aid 1,000 families. TVM quotes Muscat who said that this is the first public-private partnership in this sector.


  • The Nationalist Party has no confidence in the new electronic voting system after it was tampered with, reports Net News. Addressing a press conference, Secretary General Clyde Puli said that the system operators carried out modifications without having first consulted party delegates. The Times quotes Puli who warned that the changed ballot sheets could, furthermore, result in voting fraud.


  • The government, the PN and PD this evening agreed to suspend the Parliamentary agenda and instead hold a debate on the Auditor General’s report on the Electrogas power station deal.  PD raised the issue first, saying it would be tabling a request in accordance with article 13 of the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives, PD said in a statement, the Independent reports.


  • Meanwhile Partit Demokratiku MP Godfrey Farrugia on Monday said Economy Minister Chris Cardona had threatened him in parliament, although he did not raise a privilege complaint. The Times reports that the Speaker said he had heard Dr Cardona denying he was threatening anyone and saying he was speaking in a political tone and the matter would end here.


  • Land reclamation could be proposed as a solution to construction waste challenge, with fewer dumping sites available. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told Newsbook that land reclamation was part of the 2013 Labour Party electoral programme.


  • A building contractor was charged for assaulting a business partner on the American University of Malta site in Cospicua. MaltaToday says that the incident took place last year, but the accused allegedly found ways to escape the police summons for the whole period. The Malta Independent reports that the accused, Abdel Karim Ahmad, uses alias “Michael Costa” and owns Unique Turnkey Ltd. The business associates from Jordan had an argument over unpaid commissions.


  • An accident at a construction site in Żurrieq left a man suffering grievous injuries. The 53-year-old Italian fell a height of about one storey and was rushed to Mater Dei hospital for treatment. LovinMalta launched a campaign to promote safety in the construction business.


  • The Occupy Justice group on Monday called for the resignation of Opposition leader Adrian Delia, the Times reports. Occupy Justice argued that anyone suspected of involvement in criminal activity has no place in a public position.


  • On opinion piece in the The Shift News says that the possibility of the EU invocating Article 7 against Malta is more possible than often made to be. The article says that decisions such as the selling of passports and the defence of ministers caught in wrongdoing demonstrate that Malta wants EU funds but rejects its values.




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