Mississippi moves to strip Confederate emblem from state flag

(FILE) - An image of the Confederate battle flag flying at the South Carolina State House (L, bottom) and the Mississippi state flag (R, bottom). EPA-EFE/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

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Politicians in the US state of Mississippi have taken a major step towards removing the Confederate emblem from the state flag.

On Saturday, both chambers of the Republican-led state congress voted to begin the process of changing the flag.

Mississippi is the last state in the US to feature the emblem on its flag.

The Confederate emblem is viewed by many as a racist symbol, with recent protests over the death of George Floyd reigniting debate over its use.

The flag was originally used by the slave-owning states who lost the US Civil War (1860-65).

The vote passed in both chambers of the Mississippi legislature: in the House of Representatives by a margin of 84-35, and then in the Senate by 36-14.

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