Ministers say Muscat should have resigned earlier: The Headlines – Malta Today

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Malta Today speaks to an unnamed senior PL MP who said that Cabinet ministers felt ‘used and deceived’ by Joseph Muscat when revelations about Keith Schembri came out in November. Ministers at the time felt that Muscat should leave at once.

“I am starting to believe some of the allegations about Egrant… the ones we rebutted so vehemently in public,” one minister said, pensively considering the events of the last weeks. At least two other senior ministers shared a similar sentiment, while saying that they did not believe that Muscat could be part of the alleged assassination plot that has embroiled Keith Schembri.

Malta Today reports that Jean-Philippe Chetcuti won a case in court ordering producers of a French TV programme to release the unedited footage of an interview with him about the passport scheme. Chetcuti said that the aired video is a ‘dishonest cut-and-paste’.

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