Milan city council honours 28 survivors of Nazi death camps

Photo: EPA-EFE/Mourad Balti Touati

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Liliana Segre (L), an 89-year-old Auschwitz survivor and senator-for-life, attends a session of the Milan city council at the presentation of the 28 names of survivors of Nazi death camps and of those who died opposing the regime, in Milan, Italy, 13 January 2020.

Earlier, the majority of city councilors in Geraci Siculo, a town in Sicily’s Madonie area, refused on Friday to grant honorary citizenship to Holocaust survivor and life Senator Liliana Segre.

The citizenship proposal to recognize the life Senator’s work against racism was presented by opposition group “UniAmo Geraci”.

The majority of councilors voted against it citing among reasons the fact that Segre hadn’t done anything specific to benefit the community.

Back in November, Segre was assigned a security detail after she was the target of online threats and insults.

The same month the city council of Biella voted unanimously to grant honorary citizenship to Segre after comic and presenter Ezio Greggio refused in Segre’s honor and that of his father who spent time in a German WWII detention camp.

The League party, which leads the council, had initially rejected Segre in favor of Greggio.

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